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This year the 2017 IT Selective classes are trialling the use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Students have been encouraged to bring their own computing / tablet device to school provided they meet the minimum specifications. They must only use the device at school for educational purposes and must agree and adhere to the BYOD policy.


Given the popularity of this trial, it will be incorporated into the 2018 cohort of IT Selective students. 


Wyong High School believes in equal opportunity for all students. Those students / parents that are unable to purchase their own device should not be discouraged from applying for the IT Selective Classes as devices may be borrowed from the school upon application.


Please find below attached BYOD Information Sheet, User Charter, Acceptable Usage Policy, information which will help students log into the NSWDET wireless network and the instructions for downloading DOE acceptable software onto your BYOD.


BYOD Information Sheet (docx 1200 KB)

BYOD User Charter (docx 290 KB)

IT Acceptable Usage Policy (docx 317 KB)

Connect to NSWDET Network (pdf 1879 KB)

DOE Software Download (pdf 397 KB)


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