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By studying Mathematics, students develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical concepts and numerical reasoning.

The syllabus consists of the following strands:

·     Number and Algebra

·     Measurement and Geometry

·     Statistics and Probability

In Year 11 and 12, the study of Mathematics is optional. Courses offered include:

·     Mathematics Extension 

·     Mathematics Advance 

·     Mathematics Standard 2​

·     Mathematics Standard 1​

·     Numeracy 


Mathematics at Wyong High School

The highly experienced and dedicated Mathematics staff are committed to providing all students with the quality education needed for success. Staff use a variety of teaching strategies and resources to deliver engaging lessons designed to create interest and develop a deep understanding of concepts.

The staff endeavour to develop students:

·     Numeracy skills

·     Approach for a growth mindset for successful learning

·     Logical and problem-solving skills

·     Awareness of the importance of Mathematics in everyday life

·     Ability to be successful lifelong learners and provide guidance to achieve their full potential.



To be a successful learner, it is essential that students are prepared for every lesson every day. In Mathematics student will need:

·     A lined or graph paper exercise workbook

·     Pens, pencils, ruler, eraser and glue stick

·     Protractor, set square and a compass (at times)

·     An approved NESA calculator

Maths and your Career

One of the many benefits of studying Mathematics is the variety of career paths it provides. Analytical thinking is prized by many employers.

Do you enjoy or are you good at Maths?

The occupations shown on this poster are a selection of those that have some link with the subject of Mathematics.