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LOTE Photo Album



Sumo Day

Bowing  Warm up




Food Unit


Slurping noodles   

Food & drink unit 



  Boys hiragana app     Girls iPad app

Mastering hiragana using iPad apps



Japanese calligraphy experts  





Arrietty Film Study Memory Card Game

Arrietty Film study

Students created a memory card game based on the film.

Pin dress on


Pin the dress on Arrietty, also created by the students using digital media.


Sumo bout




SUmo wrestling on boxes



Sumo suits 2




  sumo suits 1



Computer Lessons


Computer tasks



Powerpoint activity




Mouse Mischief 


 Student project to create multiple mouse presentation.


Trialling wireless mice, enabling students to actively participate in Powerpoint presentations.




                   Food Unit: Enjoying soba (noodles), ooi ocha (tea) & tsukemono (pickled vegetables).


  LOTE Computer Lesson: Obon Research Task.



Elective Japanese 

Kabuki (Theatre) Masks