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Language (LOTE)






Year 8

Stage 4 Mandatory Japanese  (100 hour course)


At Wyong High School students must complete 100 hours of Japanese in Year 8. Students are exposed to a range of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities to assist with their language development. Two of the three Japanese scripts (hiragana and kanji), vocabulary and grammar structures are explicitly taught. Katakana is introduced. Lessons incorporate group work, games and technology regularly. Cultural aspects such as J-Pop, Manga, Anime & Film Study, Japanese Festivals, Shodo (Calligraphy) and Sumo are also explored. Students are invited to participate in a Sumo Suit Day and try a Japanese meal. Club activities may be offered as an opportunity for students to further immerse themselves in Japanese Culture.


Restaurant Furey Tray    Tsukemono
    Restaurant Furey drinks



Year 9

Stage 5 Elective Japanese (100 hour course)


Year 9 are invited to go on a shopping excursion to Daiso and try more international cuisine. 

Through Manga, Anime, Martial Arts or a Kabuki Theatre unit students explore vocabulary, grammar and how to manipulate language structures. Cultural considerations are investigated in preparation to become an exchange student or host family.






Art Speaks Japanese Comes Alive!



"I think Japan is such an amazing country and it would be an awesome experience 

to visit there one day". WHS Student.